Top 8 Places to see in Seville, Andalusia, Spain

I'd like to keep it short in this one. Here's a summary of the top places in Seville, Andalusia, that we recommend. Historical, Cultural and spectacular places. Seville being the forth biggest city in Spain, there is a lot to see, but you can't leave this place until you see this 8 places. Pro tip at the bottom.

It is a perfect city where you can get the authentic Spanish feel. Here are the 8 places you can't miss in Seville:

1 | Real alcazar de Sevilla

2 | Metropol Parasol

3 | Catedral de Sevilla

4 | La giralda vista paroramica

5 | Crucero por el Río guadalquivir

6 | Triana Barrio historico

7 | Plaza de España

8 | Plaza de Toros Sevilla

Tip: You cannot leave Sevilla without seing a flamenco show, you can find some in the streets and even some nice restaurants do not charge for their entertainment while you have dinner. Just look some online and make reservations, some menus could even been as cheap as 15 euros. instead of paying 40 euros for just the show. Let us know if you found this helpful and share it to whoever wants to go to Seville.

Here's the video of all these places:

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