7 Incredibly stunning photo spots in Bucharest

After spending 4 days exploring the region of Transylvania, we arrived at night to our final destination in Romania, Bucharest. As soon as we got there, we felt that Bucharest´s old town had this cute little romantic character to it and it’s actually very palpable on every street. This may be because of how it was influenced by the French, especially by Paris and its Art Nouveau architecture style. Because of this, at the beginning of the 20th century, Bucharest became known as “Little Paris”.

We didn´t had much time in the city as we would only spent 1 night there and about 6hrs the next day, so as soon as we freshened up we had dinner and then set out to explore the old town.


It´s been a while since we had a night photography session and Alexa really wanted to take a cool night shot that would feature an awesome building and that could also offer a really nice water reflection effect. Actually, she also wanted to test out her new camera´s performance at night but that’s not relevant. So if you were like us and are really looking for that perfect place to get this kind of shot, then go straight to the Palace of Justice which provides all of those elements.

There are tons of different angles, but to get that awesome reflection effect we decided to set up our tripod right in the middle of the bridge that crosses the Dâmbovița River and face the Palace of Justice enabling cars to give that really cool red light effect on the photo.

Carturesti Carusel

Not many people know this, in fact we would say almost no one knows, but Bucharest has one of the world´s most beautiful picture perfect places and it happens to be a bookshop. This place is called Carturesti Carusel and let’s just say it´s heaven for those Instagrammers out there. If you´re a fan of books, coffee, arts and did we mention photography, then you will absolutely love this place. We spent close to an 1hr here because it has so many opportunities for some great photos. Ok you won´t be alone here, the only thing you have to deal is with the crowds. This place opens at 10am, so if you´re looking for the most awesome “Instagramable” place in Bucharest then you got to pay an early visit to this bookstore.

Pasajul Victoria

Bucharest is filled with cute corners and hidden passages, so after walking the old town for a while we came across this cute little alley called Pasajul Victoria. To our surprise it was one of those hip streets which are covered by umbrellas on top. We went in to grab those cool Instagram shots and also found a cozy bar inside the street which we discovered it was their idea to place umbrellas on the street to attract more customers as it did with us.

CEC Palace Bucuresti

One of the most visually attractive buildings found in Bucharest is the CEC Palace. Located on Calea Victoria Street, the first road built in the city which was also called the wooded road because it was constructed using tree trunks. The CEC Palace was built in 1900 to be the headquarters of Romania´s oldest bank. The building features a masterpiece of eclectic and refined neo classic architectural style topped with a glass and metal dome roof which gives it an elegant finish to the structure that can be seen from different corners of the old town.

Palace of Parliament

First of all this building is massive. It´s actually the second largest building in the world, second only to the US Pentagon. Not only is it the second largest, but it´s also the heaviest building in the world and the most expensive one at the time of construction, which almost pushed the Romanian nation to the brink of bankruptcy. Another interesting fact is that it was built using only Romanian materials and not from anywhere else. We wish we could show the real size of this building just from pictures, but if you ever get the chance to see it in person, walk around it as we did and you´ll see how huge and impressive this building is.

Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse

This is kind of another one of those secret passages that Bucharest has. It’s an arcaded covered walkway passage featuring a yellow glass roof which allows natural light to go through, giving it a warm romantic touch similar to the streets found in Paris. Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse hosted the first Stock Exchange House of Bucharest, but now it’s a really pretty street with shops and café´s on each side which seem to recreate a nostalgic scene from the 1930´s making for a great photo spot.

Caru´ cu Bere

We were running short on time, but before we said goodbye to the city we had to stop for lunch at the iconic Caru´cu Bere. The outside of this building is very impressive, but its interior itself that is a total masterpiece considering it’s actually a resturant.

photo credit: Andrei Chirileasa

This place dates back to 1879, the name means “beer wagon” which was given with the intention to celebrate Bucharest´s beer community and tradition. They serve a traditional Romanian cuisine, but the house special is their famous pork knuckle to be shared by two.

Grab the 25 RON special which has a a traditional Romanian three course menu consisting of one appetizer, main course and dessert. While you are waiting for your food, take some time to photograph and marvel at its exquisite lavish wooden interiors, learn a little bit of its history and also enjoy the live classical music they have for their customers. Don´t forget to try their local craft beer.

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