The sweetest way to experience Amsterdam canals

Actualizado: 1 de may de 2019

One of the main things that attracts people to Amsterdam, if not the most important one is it´s iconic canals that surround the city. We see it in photos, magazines, videos and in advertising, you name it. Most of us stop at every corner of this city to snap that iconic canal shot and what better place to see them than on many of the city´s bridges. But, what if not only talking a photo or walking besides the canals was the most memorable experience you could get of them?

Amsterdam has 1,281 historic bridge houses, the oldest one built in 1673 and the newest one built in 2009. Bridge keepers were stationed in them and they were used to operate the bridges so boats and people could cross the canals. After many years, this houses became obsolete. That´s were Sweets Hotel partnered up with Amsterdam based visionary architects Space & Matter and proposed a ground breaking innovative hotel concept to the city with a plan to restore 28 historic bridge houses and convert them into independent charming and contemporary hotel suites that perfectly accommodates two persons. All of the 28 houses were renovated, but still retain their historic building structures and their interiors are decorated to match the architecture of the period they were built.

There´s so many good things to talk about our experience, one that we truly enjoyed. One thing is for sure, every second we spent in the house made us feel as if we had our very own little piece of Amsterdam with us. This was because we felt that the actual beating spirit of Amsterdam is the canals and the house gave us the best possible view of it.

Not just the view, but actually connecting with the canals in a way not possible unless you were staying right above it. Even though the city sometimes can feel very busy and crowded, once inside the house the ambient is one of pure tranquility and has everything you need right there for you, providing a perfect mix of this vibrant city while still feeling relaxed in your own charming little space. The cool and modern yet hip vibe of its décor really matched with our style. And by the way, you don´t need a key to enter the house. Once reservation is confirmed, the hotel management sends you a private code by email with access to download their app, so you just use your phone to open the house door. How easy and convenient is that!

Aside from its delightful interiors we also had access to our own entertainment which went from board games, to cool books to read, to a personal tablet equipped with a map pointing out interesting things to do around the neighborhood and a Wi-Fi speaker.

The bed was absolutely comfortable, and to top it all, the most impressive view towards the canal that we could have ever dreamed of. Imagine how great it was for us waking up to our own private morning view of the Amsterdam canal. This is why we definitely think this concept is so unique and above all that´s why we loved it so much.

Our stay in the Sweets Hotel, 308 Kinkerbrug bridge house gave a new meaning of what experiencing a city is all about. This unique concept provided an ideal relaxed environment that allowed us to feel truly connected to the spirit of the city. That really set the tone for our overall great experience in the city of Amsterdam. The house has a unique character and charm, but it´s ultimately the tranquility of its proximity to the Amsterdam canal´s that truly gives a unique experience to its guest, and makes a stay in them truly special. We are sure that a stay in any of the 28 bridge houses of the Sweets Hotel provides the best perspective and most memorable experience anyone can get of the Amsterdam´s canals. We definitely enjoyed every moment of our stay in this little gem.



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